Tarkovsky family
Exhibition for the 90th anniversary of the poet Arseniy Tarkovsky (1907 - 1989)

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The Middle Of The World

I'm just a man in middle of the world,
With infusoria behind me,
Before me - millions stars in dance.
I'm lying in between in my full length
The sea connecting two far banks,
The bridge uniting space with sense.

I'm Nestor, chronicler of time that dumb,
I'm Jeremiah of the days to come.
While holding calendar and clock,
I'm drawn in future of my Russia - Mom,
And curse the past like poor king who's mock.

I know more than corpse about death,
And more I have of life than nature hath.
Oh God! - some butterfly with pretty wings,
Like girl is laughing free of human wrath,
Like piece of golden silk that flings.

Translated by E.Mishina

Poet Arseniy Tarkovsky

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Aleksander Tarkovsky, Arseniy's father
Beginning of 1880s.
Nadezhda Tarkovsky, the sister of Arseniy Tarkovsky's father
The 6th and 7th grades pupils of the Elisavetgrad zemsky real college
February of 1880
A.K.Tarkovsky in the first on the right in the second row

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Arseniy (on the left) and Valeriy Tarkovsky
Elisavetgrad, 1911
Maria Danilovna Tarkovsky with sons - Arseniy (on the left) and Valeriy
Elisavetgrad, 1914
Andrew and Marina Tarkovsky
The 4th of April, 1948. Moskow

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The director Andrew Tarkovsky
The magazine "Figaro", Paris, 1986
The participant of the days of Tarkovskys
The 19th of September,1992. Kirovograd.
The second on the right in the first row is M.Tarkovsky